instructables-logoMy friends and I are a crafty bunch. There’s not a lot that we can’t make using our brains, some glue, and a few curse words. We have a hard time going shopping in certain places, especially to shops that pride themselves on being “unique” or “indie” (I’m looking at you, Urban Outfitters).  If you’re like us and you’ve ever seen something in a store and said to yourself, “Pfft. I could make that if I wanted to!” I guarantee you will fall in love with Instructables. This site has instructions on how to make just about ANYTHING, from easy craft projects to a fully functional electric car. You could spend days on this site finding new projects for yourself. All you need for most projects is a few basic tools, materials (most of which can be found at any hardware store or Radio Shack if they’re not already lying around your house), and some basic skill. Every project comes with full instructions, pictures and helpful advice. There’s even an “Answers” box where you can type in a question and the Instructables gurus will help you figure it out. They update the site on a daily basis, which gives you even more incentive to check it out often. If you’re trying to live on the cheap, if you like to resuse or upcycle things, you need a new project for your house/apartment, or if you’ve just ever wondered to yourself, “I wonder if I could really make that?”, you need to bookmark this site.