dremel-multiproCall me weird all you want, but I cannot stop thinking about how much I want a Dremel. These things are amazing. They do everything – sanding, drilling, cutting, engraving – they even have special Dremels for pumpkin carving! I didn’t realize this before (but I should have, considering how amazing this little thing is) but they have cordless ones now too! Imagine all the things you could do with a cordless Dremel. You could drill a hole on the ceiling if you wanted to! In your car! Outside in your yard! Granted, you will probably never use this outside of your house, but I like to know that if I wanted to, I actually could. I’m saving for an apartment right now with the lovely Ms. E. W. of Heartsexplode, but as soon as we find a place and I can stop living off of Ramen, this little baby will be all mine.