Lucy Ford album artI was hanging out with the lovely E.W. and her musician boyfriend on Saturday, and as payback for dragging him into Michael’s and asking his opinion on craft supplies we let him drag us to Cheapo. For those of you who aren’t from Minneapolis, Cheapo is a giant music store with a huge record collection in the basement. Now while E. Dub and I enjoy all sorts of music and wouldn’t ordinarily mind going to a huge record store on a balmy Saturday afternoon, I was unaware that doing so would result in us having to physically drag her BF out of the record-filled basement. (She tried to warn me – I didn’t believe her.) Since we spent a good hour roaming around the store, I had a lot of time to look at all of the amazing album art on display. It was almost like going into a museum filled with 12″ masterpieces just  piled together in racks. I have bought records on numerous occasions with no intention of listening to them. I honestly don’t even know how to work a record player. Album art is slowly dying, and I think it’s about time to display some of these gorgeous works of art instead of letting them languish in record store basements. 

It’s unbelievably easy to make art from albums. I’ll give you 2 different ways to do this and you can pick the one you like best. Both of these options look better when they’re hung in groups, so make sure you have a few albums to hang. 

1. Framed Art: Go to your local megastore (or to Michael’s if you have one near you) and find the frame section. Chances are, they will have frames specifically for albums. (Scrapbook frames usually work well, too.) If they don’t, look for a simple frame that’s at least 12″ x 12″ x .5″ deep. Remove the record from the sleeve, pop the sleeve in the frame, put the frame together and poof, you’ve got art. (Bonus points: paint  or collage ticket stubs onto the front for a custom frame). If you don’t want to listen to the record, save it for later craftiness (or make a music geek’s day by giving it to them).

2. Unframed Art: Go to a hardware store and pick up a few L-shaped screws (ask the counter person if you aren’t hardware-store savvy). Screw them into the wall about 9″ apart with the short leg of the “L” pointing up. Put the album on the rack you’ve just created and marvel at how you just decorated your room in less than 5 minutes.