B&D soldering ironWell, after a loooong hiatus, I’m finally back. Note to self: moving + art fair within 2 weeks’ time = very bad idea. Now that the month of craziness is over, I’m back to blogging about all things crafty on a regular basis with updates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday as well as a special weekend edition!

This week’s Object of Lust is something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. A few months ago, I had a commissioned jewelry project for a friend of my sister. All she wanted was a very simple necklace of 2 swallows kissing. Easy, right? In theory, yes. I searched all over trying to find pendants that would do the trick, and while I finally did find 2 very adorable matching swallows, getting them to “kiss” proved to be nearly impossible. In the end, the necklace turned out ultra-cute, but had I had this little baby in my possession it would have made life that much easier and the necklace match what it looked like in my head.

This soldering iron is the nicest one I’ve seen. It has a few different tips that can be interchanged, which lets you use it for wood, plastic and ceramics as well as for metal. The thing that really drew me in was that it had little gripping clamps right on the base, for those times when you really REALLY wish you had 4 hands. At $36.99, it’s a little on the spendy side, but I still think it would be a worthwhile investment for anyone that makes jewelry or uses metal in any art projects. As for me, it’s going on the ever-growing list of “Art Tools I need But Don’t Have Enough Room In My House For”, but one day, it will be mine.