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green star box - openIt’s been a busy day over here at Craftease. I just got done listing a ton of cute new painted boxes in the shop, and you should probably go check them out. There’s all different colors and sizes, hearts and stars, and all are hand-painted with acrylic paint and made to be ultra durable. Custom boxes are also available!


HandmadeMNLogo_LargeI have to give some love to my new craft team at Handmade MN, a group of crafy guys and girls that have banded together through a shared love of making stuff. As Minnesota’s biggest and most popular Etsy street team, they have tons of resources available, as well as events like meet-and-greets, art parties and contests. Handmade MN has a huge network of crafters and artists, and everyone is really supportive of each other. They have a social networking group through Ning  and an amazing, useful and inspiring blog filled with arts and crafts made in Minnesota. members can post photos, events and projects on their own Ning page, as well as get involved in discussions and forums to share advice and project ideas. They even have a shop tab where you can rep your state in a super cute T-shirt, bag or apron – you can even customize them! If you’re an artist or crafter in Minnesota, check out becoming a member by emailing Toni at MinnesotaStreetTeam@gmail.com – she’ll get you all the information you need to become a member. If you’re outside of the state, check out the Etsy Teams to see if there’ s a street team in your area that you can get involved with!

I am beyond picky when it comes to finding a good cross-stitch pattern. The ones you find in chain stores are generally benign, cutesy, harmless, and so boring I envision myself stabbing myself in the eye with my needle if I would even attempt to make one. Instead of resorting to violence, I’ve started making my own patterns and grids. Normally my projects are one-offs and aren’t intended to be reproduced, so the patterns are more of a general drawing than a nicely laid out grid. I’m trying out a new way of doing these and wanted to start sharing them with you, my lovely loyal readers. Yes, it’s girly and flowery and still kind of benign, but my original idea of a grill with a bloody steak on it needs more work (check back next week – it may well be ready by then). Check it out and let me know what you think!

Hey guys, just a little update for you: I’m almost done putting up all of my super-cute cross-stitched pieces in my Etsy store. You should probably go check them out and tell me what you think 🙂 Click on the sidebar marked “Cross Stitchery” to see all the goodness. Stay classy, America – I’m off to dinner.

custom-branding-package-adMoving takes a lot out of a girl. I’ve been in the same apartment for 3 years, and I think I forgot exactly how much preparation is involved with packing up all of your worldly posessions and transferring them to a new house. Between actually finding a place, packing, changing my address in 500 different places, and attempting to get my place back into move-in condition, it’s been a long couple of weeks. Here’s a handy tip for all of you apartment-dwellers: Don’t paint your walls a dark color unless you’re prepared to but a few gallons of white paint and spend the better part of 2 weekends covering it up. 


That being said, I’m proud to announce some lew listings in my Etsy shop. I’m now offering custom logo, banner, business card and avatar design for anytone that needs it. If you don’t have an Etsy shop, I can also design banner ads, logos, etc. for any blog or website, all for the low, low price of just $5 each. You can also buy a full branding package and save $5, which is a pretty sweet deal. I’m also planning on listing some new jewelry and vintage stuff very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Not literally, I mean, that would be pretty disgusting, but you know… hypothetically. That’s all for now, off to Michael’s to buy some gold leaf and glue. Happy weekend!

I’m going to put up a weekly reader poll every Thursday, but I’m a busy girl and need your help, so I’m making it into a contest.  Submit your best poll ideas via email (craftease@gmail.com), Twitter (@amylesch), Facebook (craftease) or a comment on this page, and the best one will receive a lovely prize handmade by yours truly. I will be taking poll ideas from now until April 30th, and the winnder will be announced on May 1st.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, folks, but it’s been crazy busy over here. But don’t despair, stuff has been happening behind the scenes to make Craftease a more awesome experience.

– Craftease is now on Twitter! Follow me @amylesch to find out all kinds of awesome news, tidbits, or random thoughts!

– The lovely E.W. , Ms. Caylie Dean Kutzke and I will OFFICIALLY be exhibiting at the Red Hot Art Fair! Come visit us at Stevens Square Park on June 6th and 7th along with all of our artsy hippie friends. There’s food, bands, and of course awesome arts and crafts.

– There will soon be a Craftease online store! You will be able to get all kinds of T-shirts, buttons, stickers and more, all designed by me (and possibly by special guests). I will post the link as soon as it’s ready, so check it out!

– I’ve added a new Vintage Finds section to my Etsy shop! Pictures and merchandise will soon be up as soon as I um… take the pictures. 

– I will be adding weekly polls to this blog, so email me of you have any fun poll ideas! The best idea wins an awesome prize!

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