Monky - Scott JacksonOne of my favorite places to find desktop wallpaper is Pixelgirl Presents. I’ve gone to the site for years for wallpaper, icons and other cute imagery, and one artist that always catches my eye is Scott Jackson, aka iamscotty. Scott is a designer and illustrator from England, and he focuses mainly on vector artwork made in Adobe Illustrator. Images of a remote and popcorn-wielding Ganesh and Buddha on a lotus flower are interspersed with aliens, bears and surfer dudes, and all have clean lines, bright colors and completely adorable characterizations. You can find the desktop wallpaper he has designed here, and you can see his entire portfolio on his website. Prints of Bird In Hand, Boat Girl and Pilk are also available here.



 This week’s artist is a very good  friend of mine and an amazing artist. Stef Davis, a.k.a. Stab My Brain Studio, is a genius with Photoshop and Sculpey and can make gorgeous sculptures out of nothing but scraps of wood, old lightbulbs and bike parts. Her Etsy site is currently featuring adorable keychains in fun colorful designs, and she’s working on making polymer clay beads and earrings.  Stef will be at the Red Hot Art Fair in Stevens Square Park on June 6th and 7th, so come down and check her out!